Ecopoxy FAQ - How can we help?

Find answers to frequently asked questions on Ecopoxy. From how thick to pour to epoxy mold building and removing air bubbles in epoxy, we can help. We use Ecopoxy products everyday. We can help planning your next projet or troubleshooting any problems you encounter.

Here's some Ecopoxy FAQ to start with

1. Which Ecopoxy should I use to build a river table?

2. Which Ecopoxy should I use to cover a surface with an epoxy layer?

3. How much pigments should I use in my epoxy mix?

4. How can I remove air bubbles in epoxy?

5. How to build a mold to pour epoxy?

6. My resin got hard in the jar, what should I do?

7. What steps should I follow to finish my river table?

8. What product should I use to finish my epoxy projet?