Odie's Dark Butter

$50.00 CAD


Odie's Dark finishes create incredible contrast. Blacks pop with these products! Contains natural oxidizing oils that darken wood not only when applied, but also as wood ages. Also adds contrast and patina with age. Use alone or in unison with other Odie's products to add polish and sheen. Instructions for basic Odie's products also apply to Odie's Dark finishes.

Use to not only darken any wood when applied, but to also naturally darken wood with age. Will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and beautiful. The dark depth and rich patina are such that results cannot be duplicated with a stain.

Like the original Odie’s Oil, Odie’s Wood Butter (OWB) does not contain driers or any toxic chemicals. Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods, OWB is great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic. Use OWB like a soft wax to increase sheen and protection with the added benefits of oil. Will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful! Easy to use: lustrous sheen in one coat!

Made by hand in the USA and packaged in a re-usable glass jar. The product we are using to finish our river table! 

9 oz